Returns a unit's class. The second return (classFileName) can be used for locale-independent verification of a unit's class, or to look up class-related data in various global tables:

  • RAID_CLASS_COLORS provides a standard color for each class (as seen in the default who, guild, calendar, and raid UIs)
  • CLASS_ICON_TCOORDS provides coordinates to locate each class' icon within the "Interface\Glues\CharacterCreate\UI-CharacterCreate-Classes" texture

Unlike UnitClass, this function returns the same values for NPCs as for players.

See also Unit functions.


class, classFileName = UnitClassBase("unit") or UnitClassBase("name")


  • unit - A unit to query (string, unitID)
  • name - Name of a unit to query; only valid for player, pet, and party/raid members (string)


  • class - The localized name of the unit's class (string)
  • classFileName - A non-localized token representing the class (string)