Returns information about buffs/debuffs on a unit

See also Unit functions, Buff functions.


name, rank, icon, count, dispelType, duration, expires, caster, isStealable, shouldConsolidate, spellID, canApplyAura, isBossDebuff, value1, value2, value3 = UnitAura("unit", index [, "filter"]) or UnitAura("unit", "name", "rank" [, "filter"])


  • unit - A unit to query (string, unitID)
  • index - Index of an aura to query (number)
  • name - Name of an aura to query (string)
  • rank - Secondary text of an aura to query (often a rank; e.g. "Rank 7") (string)
  • filter - A list of filters to use separated by the pipe '|' character; e.g. "RAID|PLAYER" will query group buffs cast by the player. Defaults to 'HELPFUL' (string)
    • CANCELABLE - Show auras that can be cancelled
    • HARMFUL - Show debuffs only
    • HELPFUL - Show buffs only (default)
    • NOT_CANCELABLE - Show auras that cannot be cancelled
    • PLAYER - Show auras the player has cast
    • RAID - When used with a HELPFUL filter it will show auras the player can cast on party/raid members (as opposed to self buffs). If used with a HARMFUL filter it will return debuffs the player can cure


  • name - Name of the aura (string)

  • rank - Secondary text for the aura (often a rank; e.g. "Rank 7") (string)

  • icon - Path to an icon texture for the aura (string)

  • count - The number of times the aura has been applied (number)

  • dispelType - Type of aura (relevant for dispelling and certain other mechanics); nil if not one of the following values: (string)

    • (Empty string returned for Enrage dispel type)
    • Curse
    • Disease
    • Magic
    • Poison

  • duration - Total duration of the aura (in seconds) (number)

  • expires - Time at which the aura will expire; can be compared to GetTime() to determine time remaining (number)

  • caster - Unit which applied the aura. If the aura was applied by a unit that does not have a token but is controlled by one that does (e.g. a totem or another player's vehicle), returns the controlling unit. Returns nil if the casting unit (or its controller) has no unitID. (string, unitID)

  • isStealable - 1 if the aura can be transferred to a player using the Spellsteal spell; otherwise nil (1nil)

  • shouldConsolidate - 1 if the aura is eligible for the 'consolidated' aura display in the default UI. (1nil)

  • spellID - spellID of the aura (number)

  • canApplyAura - 1 if the player can apply the aura (not necessarily if the player did apply the aura, just if the player can apply the aura). (1nil)

  • isBossDebuff - 1 if the aura was cast by a boss. (1nil)

  • value1 - Value of variable effect 1 of the aura. (HoTs, resource-capturing trinkets, etc.) (number)

  • value2 - Value of variable effect 2 of the aura. (HoTs, resource-capturing trinkets, etc.) (number)

  • value3 - Value of variable effect 3 of the aura. (HoTs, resource-capturing trinkets, etc.) (number)