Returns the starting/ending point of a chosen segment of a multi-hop taxi flight. Only returns valid data while interacting with a flight master (i.e. between the TAXIMAP_OPENED and TAXIMAP_CLOSED events).

Returns 1 for invalid parameters.

See also Taxi/Flight functions.


index = TaxiGetNodeSlot(index, hop, query_start)


  • index - Index of a destination flight point (between 1 and NumTaxiNodes()) (number)
  • hop - Number of hop on the queried route (between 1 and GetNumRoutes(index)) (number)
  • query_start - If true, query for the starting point of the hop. If false, query for the ending point. (boolean)


  • index - Index (between 1 and NumTaxiNodes()) of the starting/ending node of the chosen hop. (number)


-- Eastern Kingdoms, post 6.0.2, Horde.
-- Node 57 is Shattered Landing, current location.
-- Node 8 is Stonard, directly accessible.
-- Node 30 is Bogpaddle, two hops away.
print(TaxiGetNodeSlot(30,1,true)) -- start of 1st hop == 57, obviously.
print(TaxiGetNodeSlot(30,1,false)) -- end of 1st hop == 8, Stonard, midway point.
print(TaxiGetNodeSlot(30,2,false)) -- end of 2nd hop == 30, Bogpaddle, destination.