Sets the Stop Watches timer value

See also Stopwatch functions.


Stopwatch_StartCountdown(hours, minutes, seconds)


  • hours - Sets the amount of hours the Stop Watch will run (integer)
  • minutes - Sets the amount of minutes the Stop Watch will run (integer)
  • seconds - Sets the amount of seconds the Stop Watch will run (integer)


-- Practical Usage
if GetCVarBool("Raid_Break") == true then
 if Stopwatch_IsPlaying() then Stopwatch_Clear() end
 SetCVar("Raid_Break", 0)
 Stopwatch_StartCountdown(0, 15, 0) -- Sets the Timer on the Stop Watch
 Stopwatch_Play() -- Starts the Stop Watch
This function is defined by the default user interface in Lua. You can find the definition by examining the FrameXML code for the default UI,