Creates an auction for the item currently in the "auction item" slot. Has no effect unless an item has been placed in the Create Auction UI's "auction item" slot (see ClickAuctionSellItemButton()). With patch 3.3.3 the runTime arg was changed from minutes to an index and the stackSize/numStacks args were added for batch posting.

See also Auction functions.


StartAuction(minBid, buyoutPrice, runTime, stackSize, numStacks)


  • minBid - Minimum bid for the auction (in copper) (number)

  • buyoutPrice - Buyout price for the auction (in copper) (number)

  • runTime - Run time until the auction expires (an index indicating number of hours) (number)

    • 1 - 12 hours
    • 2 - 24 hours
    • 3 - 48 hours

  • stackSize - Number of items to post in each auction (number)

  • numStacks - Number of auctions (stacks) to post (number)


-- Place an item in the auction slot
PickupContainerItem(bag, slot)

-- Create 4 auctions of 5 items each for 1g bid, 1g50s buyout, 
-- with a duration of 24 hours
StartAuction(10000, 15000, 2, 5, 4)