Sorts the auction house listing. No longer used in the default UI; see SortAuctionClearSort(), SortAuctionSetSort(), and SortAuctionApplySort() instead.

See also Auction functions.


SortAuctionItems("type", "sort")


  • type - The type of auction listing to sort (string)

    • bidder - Auctions the player has bid on
    • list - Standard auction house listing
    • owner - Auctions the player has placed

  • sort - Criterion for sorting the list (string)

    • bid - Amount of the current or minimum bid on the item
    • buyout - Buyout price of the item
    • duration - Time remaining before the auction expires
    • level - Required character level to use or equip the item
    • minbidbuyout - Buyout price, or minimum bid if no buyout price is available
    • name - Name of the item
    • quality - itemQuality of the item
    • quantity - Number of stacked items in the auction
    • seller - Name of the character who created of the auction (or in the owner listing, the current high bidder)
    • status - Status of the auction (e.g. in the bidder listing, whether the player has been outbid)

This function is deprecated and is no longer in use