Sets a Texture object to display an arbitrary texture, altering it to fit a circular frame. Used in the default UI to display square textures (such as item icons) within the circular "portrait" frames used in many default UI elements.

Caveat: The texture must be of the BLP format.

See also Utility functions.


SetPortraitToTexture("frameName", "texturePath")


  • frameName - Name of a Texture object (string)
  • texturePath - Path to a texture to display (string)


-- Change the player portrait to be the same as the keychain portrait
SetPortraitToTexture("PlayerPortrait", "Interface\\ContainerFrame\\KeyRing-Bag-Icon")

-- Set the player portrait to be the icon for "Staff of Infinite Mysteries"
SetPortraitToTexture("PlayerPortrait", "Interface\\Icons\\INV_Weapon_Halberd17")