Sets the threshold used for Master Looter, Group Loot, and Need Before Greed loot methods. Has no effect if the player is not the party or raid leader.

Items above the threshold quality will trigger the special behavior of the current loot method: for Group Loot and Need Before Greed, rolling will automatically begin once a group member loots the corpse or object holding the item; for Master Loot, the item will be invisible to all but the loot master tasked with assigning the loot.

The loot threshold defaults to 2 (Uncommon) when forming a new party/raid. Setting the threshold to 0 (Poor) or 1 (Common) has no effect -- qualities below Uncommon are always treated as below the threshold. The default UI only allows setting the threshold as high as 4 (Epic), but higher thresholds are allowed.

See also Loot functions.




  • threshold - Minimum item quality to trigger the loot method (number, itemQuality)