Requests a list of characters meeting given search criteria from the server. Text in the query will match against any of the six searchable fields unless one of the specifiers below is used; multiple specifiers can be used in one query. Queries are case insensitive.

  • n-"name" - Search for characters whose name contains name
  • c-"class" - Search for characters whose class name contains class
  • g-"guild" - Search for characters in guilds whose name contains guild
  • r-"race" - Search for characters whose race name contains race
  • z-"zone" - Search for characters in zones whose name contains zone
  • X - Search for characters of level X
  • X- - Search for characters of level X or higher
  • -X - Search for characters of level X or lower
  • X-Y - Search for characters between levels X and Y (inclusive)

Results are not available immediately; the CHAT_MSG_SYSTEM or WHO_LIST_UPDATE event fires when data is available, as determined by the SetWhoToUI() function.

See also Social functions.




  • filter - A Who system search query (cannot be nil; use the empty string "" to specify a blank query) (string)


-- Search for human warriors named Donald in Elwynn Forest
SendWho('donald z-"elwynn" r-"human" c-"warrior"')
This function must query the remote server, and any results will not be immediately available to the game client. Please see the function's documentation for more information about how to retrieve any results.