Register the player's intent regarding an item up for loot rolling. Rolls are not actually performed until all eligible group members have registered their intent or the time period for rolling expires.

If the item binds on pickup, the CONFIRM_LOOT_ROLL event fires, indicating that ConfirmLootRoll(id) must be called in order to actually roll on the item.

See also Loot functions.


RollOnLoot(id, rollType)


  • id - Index of an item currently up for loot rolling (as provided in the START_LOOT_ROLL event) (number)
  • rollType - Type of roll action to perform (number)
    • 0 - Pass (declines the loot)
    • 1 - Roll "need" (wins if highest roll)
    • 2 - Roll "greed" (wins if highest roll and no other member rolls "need")
    • 3 - Disenchant