Places a bid on (or buys out) an auction item. Attempting to bid an amount equal to or greater than the auction's buyout price will buy out the auction (spending only the exact buyout price) instead of placing a bid.

See also Auction functions.


PlaceAuctionBid("list", index, bid)


  • list - Type of auction listing (string)

    • bidder - Auctions the player has bid on
    • list - Auctions the player can browse and bid on or buy out
    • owner - Auctions the player placed

  • index - Index of an auction in the listing (number)

  • bid - Amount to bid (in copper) (number)

This function does not prompt the user for confirmation before its results take effect -- that behavior is provided by the default UI, and this function is called from the confirmation dialog
This function requires a key or mouse press in order to be used, but may not be protected.