Puts the contents of an action bar slot onto the cursor or the cursor contents into an action bar slot. After an action is picked up via this function, it can only be placed into other action bar slots (with PlaceAction() or by calling PickupAction() again), even if the action is an item which could otherwise be placed elsewhere. Unlike many other "pickup" cursor functions, this function removes the picked-up action from the source slot -- an action slot can be emptied by calling this function followed by ClearCursor().

If the action slot is empty and the cursor already holds an action, a spell, a companion (mount or non-combat pet), a macro, an equipment set, or an item (with a "Use:" effect), it is put into the action slot. If both the cursor and the slot hold an action (or any of the above data types), the contents of the cursor and the slot are exchanged.

See also Action functions, Cursor functions.




  • slot - An action bar slot (number, actionID)
This function cannot be called during combat