Returns whether a video codec is supported on the current system

See also Mac client functions.


isSupported = MovieRecording_IsCodecSupported(codecID)


  • codecID - Four-byte identifier of a QuickTime codec (number)
    • 1635148593 - H.264 - supported natively by Apple devices like the iPod, iPhone and AppleTV; best ratio quality/size but slowest to compress
    • 1768124260 - Apple Intermediate Codec - fastest to compress, but exclusive to Mac OS X
    • 1835692129 - Motion JPEG - faster to compress than H.264 but it will generate a bigger file
    • 1836070006 - MPEG-4 - supported by many digital cameras and iMovie


  • isSupported - true if the codec is supported on the current system, otherwise false (boolean)
This function is designed for the Mac OS X client only