Returns the data rate required for a given set of video recording parameters. The value returned is a prediction of the rate at which data will be written to the hard drive while recording -- if the hardware cannot support this data rate, game performance may suffer and recording may stop.

See also Mac client functions.


dataRate = MovieRecording_DataRate(width, framerate, sound)


  • width - Width of the output video (in pixels) (number)
  • framerate - Number of video frames to be recorded per second (number)
  • sound - 1 if game audio is to be captured with video; otherwise 0 (number)


  • dataRate - Summary of the data rate (e.g. "438.297 KB/s", "11.132 MB/s") (string)


-- Calculate the data rate required for the following:
-- 1024x768 video at 29.97 frames per second with sound
local dataRate = MovieRecording_DataRate(1024, 29.97, 1)
print(dataRate .. " is required for this recording.")
This function is designed for the Mac OS X client only