Modifies the name and icon of an existing equipment set. If a set with the new name already exists, no action will take place.

As with SaveEquipmentSet(), you can use set names consisting of more than 16 characters. However, it will be truncated if the user tries to change the sets icon in the default UI afterwards.

See also Equipment Manager functions.


ModifyEquipmentSet("oldSetName", "newSetName" [, icon])


  • oldSetName - Name of the set to be modified (string)
  • newSetName - New name for this set (string)
  • icon - Index of an icon to associate with the set: between 1 and GetNumMacroIcons() for an icon from the set of macro icons; values between -INVSLOT_FIRST_EQUIPPED and -INVSLOT_LAST_EQUIPPED for the icon of an item in the equipment set at that (negative) inventoryID (number)