Returns whether an item can currently be used. Does not account for item cooldowns (see GetItemCooldown() -- returns 1 if other conditions allow for using the item (e.g. if the item can only be used while outdoors).

See also Item functions.


isUsable, notEnoughMana = IsUsableItem(itemID) or IsUsableItem("itemName") or IsUsableItem("itemLink")


  • itemID - An item's ID (number)
  • itemName - An item's name (string)
  • itemLink - An item's link (string)


  • isUsable - 1 if the item is usable; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • notEnoughMana - 1 if the player lacks the resources (e.g. mana, energy, runes) to use the item; otherwise nil (1nil)