Returns PVP information about the current area. Information returned may apply to the current subzone, not the entire zone.

See also PvP functions, Zone information functions.


pvpType, isSubZonePVP, factionName = GetZonePVPInfo()


  • pvpType - PvP status for the area (string)

    • arena - Arena or outdoor free-for-all area (e.g. Gurubashi Arena)
    • combat - Combat zone (e.g. Wintergrasp)
    • contested - Horde/Alliance PvP is enabled for all players
    • friendly - Zone is controlled by the player's faction; PvP status is optional for the player but mandatory for enemy players
    • hostile - Zone is controlled by the enemy's faction; PvP status is optional for the enemy but mandatory for the player
    • nil - PvP status is not automatically enabled for either faction (used for "contested" zones on Normal servers)
    • sanctuary - PvP activity is not allowed (e.g. Dalaran)

  • isSubZonePVP - 1 if the current area allows free-for-all PVP; otherwise nil (1nil)

  • factionName - Name of the faction that controls the zone (only applies if pvpType is friendly or hostile) (string)