Returns information about a world state UI element. World State UI elements include PvP, instance, and quest objective information (displayed at the top center of the screen in the default UI) as well as more specific information for "control point" style PvP objectives. Examples: the Horde/Alliance score in Arathi Basin, the tower status and capture progress bars in Hellfire Peninsula, the progress text in the Black Morass and Violet Hold instances, and the event status text for quests The Light of Dawn and The Battle For The Undercity.

See also Quest functions, Instance functions, PvP functions.


uiType, state, hidden, text, icon, dynamicIcon, tooltip, dynamicTooltip, extendedUI, extendedUIState1, extendedUIState2, extendedUIState3 = GetWorldStateUIInfo(index)



  • uiType - 1 if the element should be conditionally displayed (based on the state of the "Show World PvP Objectives" setting and the player's location); any other value if the element is always displayed (number)

  • state - State of the element: 0 always indicates the element should be hidden; other possible states vary by context (e.g. in Warsong Gulch, state 2 indicates the team holds the enemy flag) (number)

  • hidden - ? (boolean)

  • text - Text to be displayed for the element (string)

  • icon - Path to a texture for the element's main icon (usually describing the element itself: e.g. a Horde or Alliance icon for elements displaying a battleground score) (string)

  • dynamicIcon - Path to a texture for a secondary icon (usually describing transient status: e.g. a flag icon in Warsong Gulch) (string)

  • tooltip - Text to be displayed when mousing over the UI element (string)

  • dynamicTooltip - Text to be displayed when mousing over the element's dynamicIcon (string)

  • extendedUI - Identifies the type of additional UI elements to display if applicable (string)

    • "" - No additional UI should be displayed
    • "CAPTUREPOINT" - A capture progress bar should be displayed for the element

  • extendedUIState1 - Index of the capture progress bar corresponding to the element (number)

  • extendedUIState2 - Position of the capture bar (0 = left/Horde edge, 100 = right/Alliance edge) (number)

  • extendedUIState3 - Width of the neutral section of the capture bar: e.g. if 50, the extendedUIState2 values 0-25 correspond to Horde ownership of the objective, values 76-100 to Alliance ownership, and values 26-75 to no ownership (number)