Returns information on the players queue for a world PvP zone

See also PvP functions.


status, mapName, queueID = GetWorldPVPQueueStatus(index)


  • index - Index of the queue to get data for (between 1 and MAX_WORLD_PVP_QUEUES) (number)


  • status - Returns the status of the players queue (string)

    • confirm - The player can enter the pvp zone
    • none - No world pvp queue at this index
    • queued - The player is queued for this pvp zone

  • mapName - Map name they are queued for (e.g Wintergrasp) (string)

  • queueID - Queue ID, used for BattlefieldMgrExitRequest() and BattlefieldMgrEntryInviteResponse() (number)


--Prints the players status for their queued non-instanced pvp zones
for index=1, MAX_WORLD_PVP_QUEUES do
   local status, mapName = GetWorldPVPQueueStatus(index)
   if( status == "queued" ) then
      print("You are queued for", mapName)
   elseif( status == "confirm" ) then
      print("Queue is ready, can join", mapName)