Returns information about an entry in the trainer service listing

See also Trainer functions.


serviceName, serviceSubText, serviceType, iconTexture, reqLevel, isExpanded = GetTrainerServiceInfo(index)



  • serviceName - Name of the service (string)

  • serviceSubText - Secondary text associated with the service (often a spell rank; e.g. "(Rank 4)") (string)

  • serviceType - Type of service entry (string)

    • available - The player can currently use this service
    • header - This entry is a group header, not a trainer service
    • unavailable - The player cannot currently use this service
    • used - The player has already used this service

  • iconTexture - Path to the icon texture (string)

  • reqLevel - Required level before being able to learn the service. (number)

  • isExpanded - 1 if the entry is a header which is currently expanded, or if the header containing the entry is expanded; otherwise nil - This may no longer be the case, as other values can be seen (1nil)