Returns a list of required tools for a trade skill recipe. A tool may be an item (e.g. Blacksmith Hammer, Virtuoso Inking Set) the player must possess, or a description of a generic (e.g. near an Anvil, in a Moonwell) or specific (e.g. Netherstorm, Emerald Dragonshrine) location to which the player must travel in order to perform the recipe. The hasTool return is only valid for the former.

See also Tradeskill functions.


toolName, hasTool, ... = GetTradeSkillTools(index)


  • index - Index of a recipe in the trade skill list (between 1 and GetNumTradeSkills()) (number)


  • toolName - Name of the required tool (string)
  • hasTool - 1 if the tool is an item in the player's possession; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • ... - An additional toolName, hasTool pair for each tool required (list)