Returns information on a currently active totem (or ghoul). Totem functions are also used for ghouls summoned by a Death Knight's Raise Dead ability (if the ghoul is not made a controllable pet by the Master of Ghouls talent), for druids' wild mushrooms, and Affliction Warlock's Soul Effigy.

See also Pet functions, Class resource functions.


haveTotem, name, startTime, duration, icon = GetTotemInfo(slot)


  • slot - Which totem to query (number)
    • 1 - Fire / Mushroom #1 / Death Knight's ghoul)
    • 2 - Earth / Mushroom #2
    • 3 - Water / Mushroom #3
    • 4 - Air / Affliction Warlock's Soul Effigy


  • haveTotem - True if a totem of the given type is active (boolean)
  • name - The name of the totem (string)
  • startTime - The value of GetTime() when the totem was created (number)
  • duration - The total duration the totem will last (in seconds) (number)
  • icon - Path to a texture to use as the totem's icon (string)