Returns a localized string according to given parameters. Applies to any global variable whose name fits a standard format: for example, GetText("foo") returns the value of the global variable foo (if it exists), and GetText("foo", 3) returns the value of foo_FEMALE (or if it does not exist, the value of foo). Causes a Lua error if the given variable does not exists (or is nil).

See also Utility functions.


text = GetText("token" [, gender [, ordinal]])


  • token - Base name of a localized string token (string)
  • gender - Gender of the string's subject (as returned by UnitSex()) (number)
  • ordinal - Currently unused (number)


  • text - The localized string according to the given parameters (string)


-- returns the value of "FACTION_STANDING_LABEL1" 
-- ("Hated" on enUS clients)
-- returns the value of "FACTION_STANDING_LABEL1_FEMALE" 
-- ("Hated" on enUS clients, but distinct from the male form in certain other locales)