Returns a hyperlink for a spell

See also Spell functions, Hyperlink functions.


link, tradeLink = GetSpellLink(index, "bookType") or GetSpellLink("name") or GetSpellLink(id)


  • index - Index of a spell in the spellbook (number, spellbookID)

  • bookType - Type of spellbook (string)

    • pet - The pet's spellbook
    • spell - The player's spellbook

  • name - Name of a spell, optionally including secondary text (e.g. "Mana Burn" to find the player's highest rank, or "Mana Burn(Rank 2)" -- no space before the parenthesis -- for a specific rank) (string)

  • id - Numeric ID of a spell (number, spellID)


  • link - A hyperlink for the spell (string, hyperlink)
  • tradeLink - A hyperlink representing the player's list of trade skill recipes, if the spell is a trade skill (i.e. if "casting" the spell opens a trade skill window) (string)