Returns information about the currently selected artifact. Works even if the archeology panel is closed. Artifacts have specific information as well as information specific to the spell casted when creating the artifact. Common artifacts share the same description throughout the same race.

See also Archaeology profession functions.


name, description, rarity, icon, spellDescription, numSockets, bgTexture = GetSelectedArtifactInfo()


  • name - Name of the artifact (string)
  • description - Description of the artifact (string)
  • rarity - Rarity of the artifact (0 for common, 1 for rare) (number)
  • icon - Path to the icon of the spell for the artifact (string)
  • spellDescription - Description of the spell for the artifact (string)
  • numSockets - Number of sockets usable to create the artifact (number)
  • bgTexture - Path to the background texture for the artifact (string)