Returns information about a spell awarded when completing a quest. Only valid when the questgiver UI is showing the accept/decline or completion stages of a quest dialog (between the QUEST_DETAIL and QUEST_FINISHED events, or between the QUEST_COMPLETE and QUEST_FINISHED events); otherwise may return zero or values from the most recently displayed quest.

If both isTradeskillSpell and isSpellLearned are nil, the reward is a spell cast upon the player.

See also Spell functions, Quest functions.


texture, name, isTradeskillSpell, isSpellLearned = GetRewardSpell()


  • texture - Path to the spell's icon texture (string)
  • name - Name of the spell (string)
  • isTradeskillSpell - 1 if the spell is a tradeskill recipe; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • isSpellLearned - 1 if the reward teaches the player a new spell; otherwise nil (1nil)