Returns the active buff for a given raid buff category. As of 5.0, the default BuffFrames aggregate standard raid buffs. GetRaidBuffTrayAuraInfo is used to determine which buff category is active. Current raid buff categories are:

 RAID_BUFF_1 Stats
 RAID_BUFF_2 Stamina
 RAID_BUFF_3 Attack Power
 RAID_BUFF_4 Haste
 RAID_BUFF_5 Spell Power
 RAID_BUFF_6 Critical Strike
 RAID_BUFF_7 Mastery
 RAID_BUFF_8 Multistrike
 RAID_BUFF_9 Versatility

The highest raid buff category number is indicated by NUM_LE_RAID_BUFF_TYPES.

See also Buff functions.


name, rank, texture, duration, expiration, spellId, slot = GetRaidBuffTrayAuraInfo()


  • nil - The id of the aura slot (number)


  • name - The name of the active aura (string)
  • rank - The rank of the active aura (string)
  • texture - The texture path of the active aura (string)
  • duration - The duration of the active aura (number)
  • expiration - The expiration time of the active aura (number)
  • spellId - The spell ID of the active aura (number)
  • slot - The buff slot of the active aura (number)