Returns information about an entry in the player's quest log

See also Quest functions.


title, level, suggestedGroup, isHeader, isCollapsed, isComplete, frequency, questID, startEvent, displayQuestID, isOnMap, hasLocalPOI, isTask, isStory, isHidden = GetQuestLogTitle(questIndex)



  • title - Title of the quest or header (string)

  • level - Recommended character level for attempting the quest (number)

  • suggestedGroup - For some group quests, the recommended number of group members for attempting the quest (number)

  • isHeader - True if the entry is a group header; false if the entry is a quest (boolean)

  • isCollapsed - True if the entry is a collapsed header; otherwise false (boolean)

  • isComplete - Whether the quest is complete (number)

    • -1 - The quest was failed
    • 1 - The quest was completed
    • nil - The quest has yet to reach a conclusion

  • frequency - A number indicating how often the quest can be repeated. (number)

    • 1 - Normal quest
    • LE_QUEST_FREQUENCY_DAILY - Daily quest
    • LE_QUEST_FREQUENCY_WEEKLY - Weekly quest

  • questID - The quest's questID. (number)

  • startEvent - True if the quest starts a event (not completed, even if it says it is); otherwise false (boolean)

  • displayQuestID - Whether to display the questID before title or not (boolean)

  • isOnMap - (boolean)

  • hasLocalPOI - (boolean)

  • isTask - (boolean)

  • isStory - (boolean)

  • isHidden - Hides Quest in Log (boolean)