Returns cooldown information about an item associated with a current quest. Available for a number of quests which involve using an item (i.e. "Use the MacGuffin to summon and defeat the boss", "Use this saw to fell 12 trees", etc.)

See also Quest functions, Objectives tracking functions.


start, duration, enable = GetQuestLogSpecialItemCooldown(questIndex)


  • questIndex - Index of a quest log entry with an associated usable item (between 1 and GetNumQuestLogEntries()) (number)


  • start - The value of GetTime() at the moment the cooldown began, or 0 if the item is ready (number)
  • duration - The length of the cooldown, or 0 if the item is ready (number)
  • enable - 1 if a Cooldown UI element should be used to display the cooldown, otherwise 0. (Does not always correlate with whether the item is ready.) (number)