Returns indices of all of the current character's professions. The indices returned can be passed into the GetProfessionInfo() function. The indices are not fixed and can change when a character learns or unlearns a profession. If you do not have one of the skills the value returned will be nil.

See also Skill functions.


prof1, prof2, archaeology, fishing, cooking, firstAid = GetProfessions()


  • prof1 - The index of the first profession; nil if first profession is missing (number)
  • prof2 - The index of the second profession; nil if second profession is missing (number)
  • archaeology - The index of Archeology; nil if Archeology is missing (number)
  • fishing - The index of Fishing; nil if Fishing is missing (number)
  • cooking - The index of Cooking; nil if Cooking is missing (number)
  • firstAid - The index of First Aid; nil if First Aid is missing (number)