Returns details on a profession from its index including name, icon, and skill level

See also Skill functions, Tradeskill functions.


name, texture, rank, maxRank, numSpells, spelloffset, skillLine, rankModifier, specializationIndex, specializationOffset = GetProfessionInfo(index)


  • index - The index of the profession (can be found with GetProfessions()) (number)


  • name - Localized name of the skill (string)
  • texture - Path to the icon texture of the skill (string)
  • rank - The current skill level. This does not change when rankModifier is greater than 0 (number)
  • maxRank - The current skill cap (number)
  • numSpells - The number of abilities/icons listed. These are the icons you put on your action bars (number)
  • spelloffset - The offset id of the first Spell of this profession. (you can CastSpell(spelloffset + 1, "Spell") to use the first spell of this profession) (number)
  • skillLine - The constant value of the skill (e.g. Archeology is 794, Cooking is 185). These constants can be found in the enum that includes other constants, such as talent spec, race, language, pet type, and mount type (number)
  • rankModifier - Additional modifiers to your profession levels (e.g. Lures for Fishing). (number)
  • specializationIndex - Index for specialization (e.g. Gnomish Engineering) (number)
  • specializationOffset - Offset for specialization (e.g. Gnomish Engineering) (number)