Returns information about special actions available while the player possesses another unit. Used in the default UI to show additional special actions (e.g. canceling possession) while the player possesses another unit through an ability such as Eyes of the Beast or Mind Control.

Does not apply to actions (spells) belonging to the possessed unit; those are regular actions (see GetActionInfo()) whose actionIDs begin at ((NUM_ACTIONBAR_PAGES - 1 + GetBonusBarOffset()) * NUM_ACTIONBAR_BUTTONS + 1).

See also ActionBar functions.


texture, name = GetPossessInfo(index)


  • index - Index of a possession bar action (between 1 and NUM_POSSESS_SLOTS) (number)


  • texture - Path to an icon texture for the action (string)
  • name - The name of the spell in the queried possess bar slot. (string)