Returns the player's orientation (heading). Indicates the direction the player model is (normally) facing and in which the player will move if he begins walking forward, not the camera orientation.


Value is equal to 0 for North and increases counterclockwise. Full 360° is equal to .


Direction   Value   Dump

North           0   −0
North West   .25π   ~0.78538751602173
West          .5π   ~1.5707750320435
South           π   ~3.1415500640870
East         1.5π   ~4.7124104499817
North East  1.75π   ~5.4977979660034

See also Player information functions, Map functions.


facing = GetPlayerFacing()


  • facing - Direction the player is facing (in radians, 0 = north, values increasing counterclockwise) (number)