Returns the number of map images for the world map's current zone. Used in zones with more than one "floor" or area such as Dalaran and several Wrath of the Lich King dungeons and raids.

The returns vary depending on your current location in the zone. If you're in a "micro dungeon" (see GetMapInfo), you'll get different values. firstFloor is the absolute starting value, while numLevels is the number of steps to go past that.

Can be used to derive the number in the internal floor names list that the "1" floor corresponds to. For example, in Dun Morogh's "Grizzled Den", it returns {1,7} - because we're on the first floor of _G['DUNGEON_FLOOR_DUNMOROGH7']=="Grizzled Den"

See also Map functions.


numLevels, firstLevel = GetNumDungeonMapLevels()


  • numLevels - Number of map images (number)
  • firstLevel - The index of the first floor (number)