Returns information about an item available for purchase from a vendor

See also Merchant functions.


name, texture, price, quantity, numAvailable, isUsable, extendedCost = GetMerchantItemInfo(index)



  • name - Name of the item (string)
  • texture - Path to an icon texture for the item (string)
  • price - Current cost to purchase the item from this vendor (in copper) (number)
  • quantity - Number of stacked items per purchase (number)
  • numAvailable - Number of items available for purchase, if the vendor has a limited stock of the item; -1 if the vendor has an unlimited supply of the item (number)
  • isUsable - 1 if the player can use or equip the item; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • extendedCost - 1 if the item's price uses one or more alternate currencies (for which details can be found via GetMerchantItemCostInfo(index)); otherwise nil (1nil)