Returns information about a given loot candidate. Used in the default UI to build the popup menu used in master loot assignment. Only valid if the player is the master looter.

Not all party/raid members may be eligible for a given corpse's (or object's) loot: e.g. a member is ineligible for loot from a creature killed while that member was not in the immediate area. By repeatedly calling this function (with index incrementing from 1 to the total number of party/raid members, including the player), one can build a list of the names of members eligible for the current loot.

The index is cast in stone at the time the mob was killed. If you move raid members around prior to distributing loot, their original positions will be returned by this function. The expression ceil(index/5) will yield the group number (in a raid) and the expression index % 5 will yield the group position number for an eligible raider.

See also Loot functions.


candidate = GetMasterLootCandidate(index)


  • index - Index of a member of the party or raid (not equivalent to the numeric part of a party or raid unitID) (number)


  • candidate - Name of the candidate (string)