Returns information about a map landmark. Possible landmarks include PvP objectives (both in battlegrounds and in world PvP areas), town and city markers on continent maps, and special markers such as those used during the Scourge Invasion world event. Some landmarks (such as those for towns on a zone map) exist but are not visible in the default UI.

See also Map functions.


name, description, textureIndex, x, y, mapLinkID, showInBattleMap = GetMapLandmarkInfo(index)


  • index - The index of a map landmark, from 1 to GetNumMapLandmarks() (number)


  • name - Name of the landmark (string)
  • description - Secondary text associated with the landmark; often used to denote current status of PvP objectives (e.g. "Alliance Controlled") (string)
  • textureIndex - The index of the texture to be used for the landmark. These indices map to segments of the Interface/MinimapPOI/Icons.blp graphic; the function WorldMap_GetPOITextureCoords(), defined in FrameXML/WorldMap.lua, can be used to resolve this index to a set of texture coordinates for displaying that segment. (number)
  • x - Horizontal position of the landmark relative to the current world map (0 = left edge, 1 = right edge) (number)
  • y - Vertical position of the landmark relative to the current world map (0 = top, 1 = bottom) (number)
  • mapLinkID - A hyperlink ID allowing the game engine to take an action when the landmark is clicked (currently unused) (number)
  • showInBattleMap - True if the landmark should be shown in the Battle Map (aka Zone Map) UI; false for landmarks which should only be shown on the World Map (boolean)