This function or event no longer exists in version 6.0.2 (19034) of World of Warcraft. Please check the main API page for an up-to-date listing of the valid API functions

Returns a list of LFG entries (dungeons, zones, quests, etc) for a given type

See also Looking for group functions.


name, icon, ... = GetLFGTypeEntries(type)


  • type - Index of an LFG query type (in the list returned by GetLFGTypes()) (number)


  • name - Localized name of the entry (string)
  • icon - Unique part of the path to an icon texture for the entry; prepend "Interface\\LFGFrame\\LFGIcon-" for the full path (string)
  • ... - An additional name, icon pair for each entry in the list (list)