Returns information about a LFD queue when you are in the queue

See also Looking for group functions.


hasData, leaderNeeds, tankNeeds, healerNeeds, dpsNeeds, totalTanks, totalHealers, totalDPS, instanceType, instanceSubType, instanceName, averageWait, tankWait, healerWait, dpsWait, myWait, queuedTime = GetLFGQueueStats()


  • hasData - true or false if you are active in the queue. (boolean)
  • leaderNeeds - (number)
  • tankNeeds - 1 if tank is needed, 0 if tank is found (number)
  • healerNeeds - 1 if healer is needed, 0 if healer is found (number)
  • dpsNeeds - 1 if dps is needed, 0 if dps is found (number)
  • totalTanks - The number of tanks needed for this queue (number)
  • totalHealers - The number of healers needed for this queue (number)
  • totalDPS - The number of DPS needed for this queue (number)
  • instanceType - The type of instance for this queue (number)
  • instanceSubType - The instance subtype for this queue (number)
  • instanceName - What you are queueing up for (string)
  • averageWait - (number)
  • tankWait - Tank's estimated queue times in seconds. (number)
  • healerWait - Healer's estimated queue times in seconds. (indef. time returns -1) (number)
  • dpsWait - DPS's estimated queue times in seconds. (indef. time returns -1) (number)
  • myWait - Your estimated queue time in seconds. (indef. time returns -1) (number)
  • queuedTime - Time when you queued, compare with GetTime() (number)