Provides information about the LFG status of the player.

See also Looking for group functions.


mode, submode = GetLFGMode()


  • mode - Current LFG status (string)

    • abandonedInDungeon - The party disbanded and player is still in the dungeon.
    • lfgparty - LFG dungeon is in-progress.
    • nil - Player is not in LFG
    • proposal - LFG party formed, notifying matched players dungeon is ready.
    • queued - Player is in LFG queue.
    • rolecheck - Querying groupmates to select their LFG roles before queuing.

  • submode - Your LFG sub-status. Used to indicate priority for filling party slots. (string)

    • empowered - Indicates that your party has lost a player and is set to higher priority for finding a replacement
    • nil - Not looking for more party members
    • unempowered - Default priority in the LFG system.

This function is defined by the default user interface in Lua. You can find the definition by examining the FrameXML code for the default UI,