Returns whether an LFR encounter was already killed.. Does only give usable results for the encounters in the LFR part specified by the id

See also Looking for group functions.


bossName, texture, isKilled, result4 = GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo(dungeonId, encounterIndex)



  • bossName - Name of the encounter. (string)
  • texture - Probably a texture associated to the encounter, but always nil. (nil)
  • isKilled - Whether the encounter was killed this week. (boolean)
  • result4 - unknown, unused in FrameXML, always false (boolean)


-- 610 is the first part of the throne of thunder, 611, 612, 613 are the others.
-- I completed part one and three, was not yet in two. Four was not yet released.
GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo(610,1) -- "Jin'rokh the Breaker", nil, true, false
GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo(610,2) -- "Horridon", nil, true, false

-- Jin'rokh is a part one encounter, but 611 is part two. Hence the function returns false.
GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo(611,1) -- "Jin'rokh the Breaker", nil, false, false