Returns information on the item that is currently being upgraded.. This function can currently only be called when at the upgrade merchant.

See also Item Upgrade functions.


icon, name, quality, bound, numCurrUpgrades, numMaxUpgrades, cost, currencyType = GetItemUpgradeItemInfo()


  • icon - Path to an icon texture for the item (string)
  • name - Name of the item (string)
  • quality - Quality (rarity) level of the item. (number, itemQuality)
  • bound - localized binding type (e.g. 'Soulbound') (string)
  • numCurrUpgrades - How often an item has been upgraded already (number)
  • numMaxUpgrades - How often an item may be upgraded (number)
  • cost - Amount of points required to upgrade the item (number)
  • currencyType - type of currency that is required for an upgrade (number)