Returns the item ID of an equipped item. The results of this function can be used with GetInventorySlotInfo() and other related inventory functions.

If the player beign /inspected has used transmorgification on the slot, then the itemID of the transmorgified item is what is returned, not the actual item equipped.

See also Inventory functions.


id = GetInventoryItemID("unit", slot)


  • unit - A unit to query; only valid for 'player' or the unit currently being inspected (string, unitID)
  • slot - An inventory slot number, as can be obtained from GetInventorySlotInfo (number, inventoryID)


  • id - Numeric ID of the item in the given slot (itemID)


-- Prints the item id of the item in the Main Hand slot
print(GetInventoryItemID("player", GetInventorySlotInfo("MainHandSlot")))
-- Prints the item id of the item in the Ranged/Relic slot
print(GetInventoryItemID("player", GetInventorySlotInfo("RangedSlot")))