Returns information about the text of an inbox mail. Also marks the mail as read if it wasn't already.

See also Mail functions.


bodyText, texture, isTakeable, isInvoice = GetInboxText(mailID)


  • mailID - Index of a mail in the player's inbox (between 1 and GetInboxNumItems()) (number)


  • bodyText - Text of the mail (string)
  • texture - Unique part of the path to a background texture to be displayed for the message; actual texture paths are STATIONERY_PATH .. texture .. "1" and STATIONERY_PATH .. texture .. "2" (string)
  • isTakeable - 1 if the text of the mail can be saved as an item; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • isInvoice - 1 if the mail is an auction house invoice; otherwise nil (1nil)