Returns information about the selected player in your guild roster.. Only returns valid data after calling GuildRoster() and the following GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE event has fired.

See also Guild functions.


fullName, rank, rankIndex, level, class, zone, note, officernote, online, status, classFileName, achievementPoints, achievementRank, isMobile, canSoR, reputation = GetGuildRosterInfo(index)


  • index - Index of a member in the guild roster (between 1 and GetNumGuildMembers()), or 0 for no selection (number)


  • fullName - Name of the member with realm name (string)

  • rank - Name of the member's rank (string)

  • rankIndex - Numeric rank of the member (0 = guild leader; higher numbers for lower ranks) (number)

  • level - Character level of the member (number)

  • class - Localized name of the member's class (string)

  • zone - Zone in which the member was last seen (string)

  • note - Public note text for the member (string)

  • officernote - Officer note text for the member, or the empty string ("") if the player is not allowed to view officer notes (string)

  • online - 1 if the member is currently online; otherwise nil (1nil)

  • status - Status flag for the member (number)

    • 1 - Away
    • 2 - Busy (Do Not Disturb)

  • classFileName - Non-localized token representing the member's class (string)

  • achievementPoints - The guild achievement points of the member (number)

  • achievementRank - The guild achievement rank of the member (number)

  • isMobile - If member is logged on using the mobile armory application (number)

  • canSoR - If member is eligible for Scroll of Resurrection (number)

  • reputation - Numeric of the member's reputation with the guild (number)