This function or event no longer exists in version 6.0.2 (19034) of World of Warcraft. Please check the main API page for an up-to-date listing of the valid API functions

Returns weekly and total guild exp of a player

See also Guild functions.


weeklyXP, totalXP, weeklyRank, totalRank = GetGuildRosterContribution(index)


  • index - The player index of the currently visible guild roster (number)


  • weeklyXP - The player XP for this week (number)
  • totalXP - The player XP in total (number)
  • weeklyRank - The players rank for this week (number)
  • totalRank - The players rank at all (number)


weeklyXP, totalXP, weeklyRank, totalRank = GetGuildRosterContribution(1)
-- Will return the apropriate values for the player currently on top of the guild roster.