Returns information about an entry in the guild event log. Only returns valid data after calling QueryGuildEventLog() and the following GUILD_EVENT_LOG_UPDATE event has fired.

See also Guild functions.


type, player1, player2, rank, year, month, day, hour = GetGuildEventInfo(index)


  • index - Index of an entry in the guild event log (between 1 and GetNumGuildEvents()) (number)


  • type - Type of event (example descriptions from the default UI below) (string)

    • demote - player1 demotes player2 to rank.
    • invite - player1 invites player2 to the guild.
    • join - player1 joins the guild.
    • promote - player1 promotes player2 to rank.
    • quit - player1 has quit the guild.
    • remove - player1 removes player2 from the guild.

  • player1 - First actor in the event (string)

  • player2 - Second actor in the event, if applicable (string)

  • rank - Name of the rank related to promote/demote events (string)

  • year - Number of years since the event occurred (number)

  • month - Number of months since the event occurred (number)

  • day - Number of days since the event occurred (number)

  • hour - Number of hours since the event occurred (number)