Returns a list of quests which can be turned in to the current Gossip NPC. For quests offered by the NPC, see GetGossipAvailableQuests().

See also Quest functions, NPC "Gossip" Dialog functions.


name, level, isTrivial, isComplete, isLegendary, ... = GetGossipActiveQuests()


  • name - Name of the quest (string)
  • level - Suggested character level for attempting the quest (number)
  • isTrivial - 1 if the quest is considered "trivial" at the player's level (rewards no XP); otherwise nil (1nil)
  • isComplete - 1 if the quest is complete; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • isLegendary - 1 if the quest is legendary; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • ... - Additional name, level, isTrivial, isComplete, isLegendary values for each active quest (list)