Returns information about a glyph socket and its contents.

The spell ID referenced in the third return glyphSpell refers to the spell used to put the glyph in the socket -- not the Inscription spell that creates a glyph item, but the spell associated with that item's "Use:" effect.

See also Glyph functions.


enabled, glyphType, glyphTooltipIndex, glyphSpell, icon = GetGlyphSocketInfo(socket, talentGroup)


  • socket - Which glyph socket to query (between 1 and NUM_GLYPH_SLOTS) (number, glyphIndex)
  • talentGroup - Which set of glyphs to query, if the player has Dual Talent Specialization enabled (number)
    • 1 - Primary Talents
    • 2 - Secondary Talents
    • nil - Currently active talents


  • enabled - True if the socket can be given a glyph at the player's current level; false if the socket is locked (boolean)
  • glyphType - 1 for minor glyph sockets, 2 for major glyph sockets, 3 for prime glyph sockets (number)
  • glyphTooltipIndex - Index to be used with GLYPH_SLOT_TOOLTIP# for the overlay (number)
  • glyphSpell - Spell ID of the spell that inscribed a glyph into the socket, or nil if the socket is empty (number)
  • icon - Path to a texture for the glyph inscribed into the socket, or nil if the socket is empty (string)