Gets a hyperlink for the contents of a glyph socket.

Glyph links are distinct from item and spell links: e.g. "|cff66bbff|Hglyph:21:361|h[Glyph of Hunter's Mark]|h|r".

See also Glyph functions, Hyperlink functions.


link = GetGlyphLink(socket, talentGroup)


  • socket - Which glyph socket to query (between 1 and NUM_GLYPH_SLOTS) (number, glyphIndex)
  • talentGroup - Which set of glyphs to query, if the player has Dual Talent Specialization enabled (number)
    • 1 - Primary Talents
    • 2 - Secondary Talents
    • nil - Currently active talents


  • link - A hyperlink for the glyph socket's contents, or "" if the socket is empty (string, hyperlink)